Question: How long does it take?

Answer: We can buy your property very quickly, if that is what you need. If necessary we can agree a legally binding offer to purchase agreement within 72hrs from property viewing (subject to all your FICA documents being submitted to our conveyacing attorneys).

Question: What fees do you charge?

Answer : There are absolutely no costs in obtaining an offer from us.

Question: How quickly will I receive the money?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to make you any promises or guarantees.  We will always try and get you the fastest sale possible.  Our conveyaning attorney will release the money to you as soon as the transaction is completed at the Deeds Office.

Question: Will anybody know about the sale?

Answer: No, it is completely private and confidential. As we are not an estate agent we will not put a sold sign up so know-one will ever know about your sale.

Question: How do your prices compare to those I’d get from an estate agent?

Answer: This really depends on many different factors such as the type and condition of your property and your urgency to complete your sale.

Question: What type of properties do you buy?

Answer: We buy all types of property in any condition:

  • Flats, Townhouses or Houses

  • Sectional title, Estate or Full Title properties

  • Properties with sitting tenants

  • Property in need of refurbishment

  • Property that has been on the market for a long time

Question: Does the property need to be in good condition?

Answer: No, we will buy property in any condition.

Question: Do you purchase property of any value?

Answer: It really depends on the individual circumstances and intended investment strategy, although we are able to purchase property up to R30 million rands.

Question: Will my estate agent mind if I sell direct to you?

Answer: Estate agents are never happy about losing their commission so we always advise that you read your estate agents terms and conditions and if necessary give them the correct notice.

Question: Do I have to accept your offer?

Answer: No, you are under no obligation to sell your property to us. It is entirely your decision.

Question: Do I have to accept the offer straight away?

Answer: No, you are under no obligation.

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